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Ein Lehrbuch, das einfach alles enthält, was ein Snare Drum-Anfänger braucht. Tolle Aufmachung und sehr übersichtlich gestaltet! Die mitgeleiferte DVD enthält wertvolle Tipps, viele Videos, Groove-Tracks, Playbacks und erleichtert das Üben zuhause. 

Mit diesem Buch macht es einfach Spass, sein Instrument zu erlernen!

Videos und Infos auf der Toolbox-Website:

Ausschnitte:               weitere Infos:

Autoren: Chris Crockarell, Chris Brooks
Inhalt: u.a. Tuning, Noten, Rolls, Paradiddles, Flams, Triples, 20 Solos und 11 Duets

Kommentare zum Buch "THE DRUMMER'S TOOLBOX"

"The Snare Drummer’s Toolbox is a unique, multimedia resource for today’s beginning percussionist. The book and DVD present fundamental musical concepts in a fun and interactive way for students of all ages. This method book is not only a great tool for the student but also a useful resource for today’s music educator." 
Ryan Frost - Percussion Educator - WV University

"I purchased your new "Drummers Toolbox" this fall for use at our middle school. The book is absolutely fantastic! I have sung its praises to any who would listen..... it has been a great tool for working with our young percussionists that I wish I had possessed years ago. Keep up the good work!"
Dan McGuire - Director of Percussion Science High School