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Eine Schule für den Einstieg in Jazz auf dem Vibrafon oder Marimba. Das 150-seitige Heft enthält Übungen, Patterns, Solospielanregungen, Grundlagen der Harmonielehre und 16 Playalong-Stücke zum mitspielen! (engl.)

Ein Hörbeispiel gibt es

A beginner's method for jazz vibes and marimba instruction. This 150 page book contains improv exercises, patterns, soloing ideas, comping suggestions, basic chord structure, progressions, and 16 play-along tunes.

The CD is recorded with the rhythm section on one channel and the vibes on the other so the student has the option to play along with Arthur, or just the rhythm section.


Kommentare zum Buch "JAZZ MALLETS IN SESSION"

“Arthur’s continued commitment to music and the art of communication is once again demonstrated so positively through this approachable book. There is no doubt that this book is appropriate for players of all levels due to its wealth of information and accessible way of allowing us to explore our individualism through Jazz.” 
Evelyn Glennie

“Lipner gets to the hearth of learning improvisation. He provides a “no-stress” framework based on self-discover through experimentation. Beginners as well as advanced students will have a great time playing and improvising with Lipner’s band on the enclosed cd. What also really impresses me are not only note choice suggestions, but also Lipner’s tips on sound production and his clear, communicative prose style.” 
David Friedman

“A welcomed addition to the mallet repertoire - an aspiring publication for the aspiring student.” 
Kevin Hathway (RCM,London)

“Jazz Mallets is an excellent book, an incredibly easy way of self-teaching Jazz. The text and theory are very clear. The cd is perfectly done and will make practicing a delightful experience. A must for every serious percussionist’s library.”
Ney Rosauro

Autor: Arthur Lipner